The New “Venomous Scarface” Creature (Not as scary as it sounds)

Scientists have yet again stumbled upon a startling discovery: A wiener dog – sized, possibly venomous pre – mammal that lived before dinosaurs. They’re calling this predator Ichibengops munyamadziensis, meaning “Scarred Face of the Munyamadzi River”. It get’s it’s name from a distinctive groove found in it’s upper jaw, which could have been the powerhouse of deadly venom sacs. Today, mammals that produce venom are uncommon. The only modern day mammals that can use venom are Duck – Billed Platypuses and some species of Shrews. It’s been estimated that Ichibengops lived 252 million years ago. It went extinct around 8 million years later. Still though, if you look at the big picture, 8 million years is quite a long time. Humans have only been around for 200,000 years or so. I think that discoveries like these are fascinating, and I will definitely keep you updated on the paleontological and scientific discoveries that are constantly being made in this golden age of science. Thanks for reading and bye! Photograph-of-and-line-drawing-the-skull-of-Ichibengops-munyamadziensis-by-Adam-Huttenlocker-800x430                                                                                         Above: Skull Specimen of Ichibengops


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