My favorite dinosaur

Spinosaurus Aegypticus is by far my favorite dinosaur. More commonly known as Spinosaurus, this dinosaur was found in Egypt by the German paleontologist Ernst Freiherr Stromer Von Reichenbach in World War 2, this paleontologist also described Aegyptosaurus, Bahariasaurus, and Carcharadontosaurus, Those are great paleontological contributions! Spinosaurus is known as a carnivore. Spinosaurus is featured in the movie Jurassic Park III, and it is featured correctly, like a carnivore. My personal favorite thing about Spinosaurus is that it is bigger than T-rex and it looked extremely cool. Spinosarus’s diet sometimes consisted of giant sawfish, and Ouranosaurs. It had sensory pads on it’s nose, which means it hunted like crocodiles, and yes, it did swim. So, I hope you learnt a little about my favourite dinosaur! I will be posting about more dinosaurs soon!

Below: Skeleton of Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus 

EDIT: This is very outdated information! for a more accurate representation of this dinosaur see my “Spinosaurus was a Swimming Dinosaur!”. Thanks!


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