Pakistan’s Prehistoric Animals


Today, I will be listing all the prehistoric life that has been uncovered in the country: Pakistan, and because I am from Pakistan, these facts really excite me.

So, without further ado, here are all the ancient animals found in Pakistan:


1. Balochisaurus – This giant, sauropod herbivore came from Balochistan in Southern Pakistan. It is actually a part of the family: Titanosauria


2. Khetranisaurus – Khetranisaurus was another herbivorous sauropod, that was first found in Balochistan. It is also a Titanosaurid


3. Marisaurus – This dinosaur was yet again a herbivorous sauropod. It is also included in the family of  Titanosauria, and it was also found in Balochistan, in Western Pakistan.


4. Pakisaurus – This dinosaur was found yet again in Balochistan. It is also a Titanosaurid, like all the others.


5. Sulaimanisaurus – Yet again, this was a herbivorous sauropod, and guess what? It was a Titanosaurid too.


6. Brohisaurus – Yes, it was a herbivore. Yes, it was a Sauropod, Yes it was found in Balochistan, but it was not a Titanosaurid!


7. Pabwehsi – An ancient Pakistani crocodile – like carnivorous animal, that’s fossil remains suggest it was of the family of Baurusuchidae


8. Balochitherium/Indricotherium/Paraceratherium – This animal was a huge, four legged ice – age animal that was herbivorous, and is called three names!



9. Pakicetus/Ambulocetus – An ancient whale that preyed on ancient horses in Pakistan.


I hope you enjoyed my list of Extinct Pakistani Genera! I hope to write more lists soon!

Below: Skeleton of Ambulocetus or Pakicetus




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