DinoFinder! Learn about Pakistan’s Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park III


My Python 3.4 program that helps users identify the dinosaur they’re looking for!

Learn about Pakistan’s Dinosaurs!

I have put together a list of many of the prehistoric animals that once roamed the country of Pakistan.

Jurassic Park III

My review on the third and last installment to the Jurassic Park movie series.

I write paleo-fiction, paleo-fact and am interested in bringing dinosaurs back to life with artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and printing.

26th Jan 2014

Why I wrote Cephalo

Here’s a video interview I did explaining the story behind Cephalo and why I wrote it.

26th Jan 2014

Redwoods in California

My family and I went to California to attend the Maker Faire, but why not have some more fun, we thought? From our hotel room to the Redwoods was a...

26th Jan 2014

Using Linux on Old Computers

We have a bunch of old computers in our garage. I found one that was pretty old (my dad told me it was a Celeron) but in good shape. I...

26th Jan 2014

A Lesson in Electronics

  The Mobileduino is a special circuit that you can hook up to any R/C car and the car becomes autonomous! It has an adjustable speed control and you can...

26th Jan 2014

Mr. Nathan Myhrvold: One of my role models

Mr. Nathan Myhrvold is a really cool guy. He was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO for short) for Microsoft some years ago. Then, he left and started exploring his interest...

26th Jan 2014

My Living Dino project update video

My younger brother Murtaza, who maintains a web site at www.murtazahusain.com, and I, have been working on the Living Dino project. Here is our first video update:

26th Jan 2014

3D modeling with Blender

For the Living Dino project, I’ve been using Blender, which is a 3D modeling tool. It’s free and easily accessible, so I really enjoy using it. I started off making...

26th Jan 2014

Cephalo The Daring Dinosaur

  My first book, Cephalo the Daring Dinosaur, is now available on Amazon.com. Check it out.