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My Python 3.4 program that helps users identify the dinosaur they’re looking for!

Learn about Pakistan’s Dinosaurs!

I have put together a list of many of the prehistoric animals that once roamed the country of Pakistan.

Jurassic Park III

My review on the third and last installment to the Jurassic Park movie series.

I write paleo-fiction, paleo-fact and am interested in bringing dinosaurs back to life with artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and printing.

14th Sep 2014

Spinosaurus was a swimming dinosaur

Recent fossil finds of the amazing Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus suggest that it spent most of it’s time hunting in the water, fishing. I think it’s an educated guess, but nobody will...

14th Aug 2014

Oxalaia – Spinosarus’s little brother

A new species of dinosaur had been discovered in 2011. Amazingly enough, this dinosaur was a carnivorous theropod spinosaurid dinosaur from Brazil, and is known as Oxalaia Quilombensis, and it...

11th Aug 2014

T – Rex was probably a pack hunter

The wildly popular Tyrannosaurus may not have hunted alone, as this fossil find in a Canadian mudflat suggests. The find shows T – Rex tracks fairly close together, which could...

19th Jul 2014

Pakistan’s Prehistoric Animals

Hello! Today, I will be listing all the prehistoric life that has been uncovered in the country: Pakistan, and because I am from Pakistan, these facts really excite me. So,...

21st Jun 2014

My list of the 20 Dinosaurs that should be in Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs are great, but some animals should still be added! these are the prehistoric animals that I think should have been added to Jurassic Park. I will be...

21st Jun 2014

my views on “The king of the dinosaurs”

Tyrannosaurus has been wildly popularized among the world. It was a carnivorous dinosaur, with a giant jaw housing teeth as big as a banana, a keen sense of smell, short...

15th Jun 2014

The Lost World

I have now finished the book: The Lost World, by: Micheal Crichton. It is really a fantastic book, but it takes away my favorite character: Dr. Alan Grant (Dr. Grant...

13th May 2014

My favorite dinosaur

Spinosaurus Aegypticus is by far my favorite dinosaur. More commonly known as Spinosaurus, this dinosaur was found in Egypt by the German paleontologist Ernst Freiherr Stromer Von Reichenbach in World...

13th May 2014

Jurassic Park

I recently just finished the book: Jurassic Park, by Micheal Crichton. It is a fantastic book with tons of science in it, and of course, dinosaurs. Jurassic Park has a...

22nd Mar 2014

The Vikings

As strange as it sounds, the Vikings fascinate me in many ways, some people know them as jolly, little men known for their trading and feasts, but some also know...