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I have put together a list of many of the prehistoric animals that once roamed the country of Pakistan.

Jurassic Park III

My review on the third and last installment to the Jurassic Park movie series.

I write paleo-fiction, paleo-fact and am interested in bringing dinosaurs back to life with artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and printing.

16th Mar 2015

Jupiter’s largest moon has an ocean!

Hello! I have some very exciting information to share with you today! Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede, has a huge saltwater ocean! This is amazing news! The ocean on Ganymede is...

19th Jan 2015

Largest North American Oviraptorosaur ever discovered!

Recently, spectacular fossil specimens found in the upper level of the Hell Creek Formation have been discovered. They turned out to belong to a new species of Oviraptorosaur, and it’s...

19th Jan 2015

New “Marine Lizard” Discovered!

At the Isle of Skye in Scotland, remains of an icthyosaur were uncovered, but his was not just any icthyosaur, it was a new species. Measuring 4.2 metres long from...

10th Jan 2015

New “Pinocchio Rex” Dinosaur Discovered

Recently, the Red beds of Nanxiong Privince, China have revealed an astonishing discovery. A new Tyrannosaurid, which had a really long nose.¬†Qianzhousarus sinensis, nicknamed “Pinocchio Rex” was roughly 66 –...

10th Jan 2015

Pakistani Abelisaurids? That’s new!

An exciting discovery has been made in the Pab Formation in the province of Balochistan in Pakistan. It isn’t quite that new, it’s just new to me, and I hope...

17th Dec 2014

New “Four Winged” Dinosaur Discovered

Recently, scientists have found an exquisite fossil in the Liaoning Province in Northeastern China. It resembles a large raptorian dinosaur with really long feathers! Research shows that “Changyuraptor yangi” is...

17th Dec 2014

New “Bloodthirsty” Dinosaur Discovered

A new species of carnivorous dinosaur has been uncovered in Venezuela. This is a very rare find and also, it is the first carnivorous Venezuelan dinosaur ever discovered! That’s a...

17th Dec 2014

New “Supermassive” Dinosaur discovered

A newly unearthed dinosaur named “Dreadnoughtus schrani” or “Fear Nothing”. Dreadnoughtus weighed about 65 tonnes and measured 85 feet long. That’s a huge dinosaur! It’s Skeleton was one of the...

17th Dec 2014

Did Volcanoes cause the dinosaurs to go extinct?

Recently, scientists have speculated that it is possible if volcanic activity could have ended the reign of the dinosaurs. They say it was not an asteroid, but one of the...

17th Dec 2014

New “Eagle Face” Dinosaur discovered

Recently, scientists have uncovered remains of a small, North American ceratopsian called “Aquilops americanus” meaning “Eagle Face”. It was surprisingly small compared to other species of ceratopsian, but it is...