Oxalaia – Spinosarus’s little brother

A new species of dinosaur had been discovered in 2011. Amazingly enough, this dinosaur was a carnivorous theropod spinosaurid dinosaur from Brazil, and is known as Oxalaia Quilombensis, and it actually had it’s own sail! This dinosaur shared a lot of features with Spinosaurus, my favorite dinosaur, but it was way smaller. It was probably able to pick on the small dinosaurs in the Cretaceous Brazilian ecosystem, but it was also picked on by the larger carnivores, and had a great snout for catching fish as well. This dinosaur’s fossils date back 98 million years ago in the Cenomanian stage of the Late Cretaceous. We don’t have so many fossils of Oxalaia, but the paleontological society will soon make scientific breakthroughs in every way about this dinosaur. Thanks for reading! I hope to write more!



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