New “Supermassive” Dinosaur discovered

A newly unearthed dinosaur named “Dreadnoughtus schrani” or “Fear Nothing”. Dreadnoughtus weighed about 65 tonnes and measured 85 feet long. That’s a huge dinosaur! It’s Skeleton was one of the most complete ever found, which is quite amazing because that is extremely rare. It weighed as much as a dozen African elephants or seven T – Rexes! Now, to get that big, Dreadnoughtus had to eat. Eat ALOT! It probably took two or three steps and started eating all over again! Oh, and it had a stomach the size of a horse so… It ate a whole ton.  No doubt this thing had no predators, no carnivore could come even close to that size! If something did pick on it though, it could use it’s sheer size to defend itself, as is the case with many sauropod dinosaurs. Two specimens of Dreadnoughtus had been unearthed in Southern Patagonia. Dreadnoughtus was a Titanosaur, a special type of sauropod usually larger than others. So, Thanks for reading and i’m sure I will write about more soon. Bye! imgres

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