New “Pinocchio Rex” Dinosaur Discovered

Recently, the Red beds of Nanxiong Privince, China have revealed an astonishing discovery. A new Tyrannosaurid, which had a really long nose. Qianzhousarus sinensis, nicknamed “Pinocchio Rex” was roughly 66 – 72 Million years old, and around 9 meters, head to tail. It had long, slender teeth used to slice through it’s victim’s flesh. The discovery of this dinosaur led to a whole new branch of the tyrannosaur family being recognized, and that’s a pretty big accomplishment! Good job, Qianzhousaurus! Just imagine this bizarre creature stalking the prehistoric forests of one of the world’s best fossil sites: China. Finds like this certainly do make me happy, and I hope they make you excited too, so anyway, that was it for now, bye!


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