Meet South Africa’s New “Rain Lizard”!

Recently, researchers have identified a new species of dinosaur, related to early sauropodomorphs and have named it Pulanesaura eocollum, meaning “Rain Lizard”. Although it was related to early sauropods called prosauropods, which translates into “Before Sauropods”, Pulanesaura was not as primitive as it’s cousins, which included the famous Plateosaurus. Scientists say that unlike it’s ancestors, Pulanesaura used the flexibility of it’s long neck to eat from higher plants that other dinosaurs couldn’t reach. The fossils were discovered at a farm in the Eastern Free State. The former owner of the farm named the dinosaur after his daughter, Panie. Since this animal has just been discovered, a limited amount if information has been uncovered. As more gets revealed about the dinosaur world, you can be sure that I’ll cover it here! Pulanesaura-eocollum                                                                                     Above: Pulanesaura’s overall shape

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