Largest North American Oviraptorosaur ever discovered!

Recently, spectacular fossil specimens found in the upper level of the Hell Creek Formation have been discovered. They turned out to belong to a new species of Oviraptorosaur, and it’s name is Anzu wyliei, nicknamed: “Chicken from Hell”. Anzu is now known as the largest North American Oviraptorosaur to date, and it was feathered. What an accomplishment, Anzu, congratulations. Anzu measured about 3 to 3.5 meters. That’s 9.8 to 11 feet!. It is thought to have been about 200 – 300 kilograms in weight, thus making it the largest. Anzu was either an omnivore or a herbivore. It wasn’t cut out for eating meat. My personal opinion is that it was an omnivore. I don’t think it could hunt, but i’m pretty sure it could scavenge. Most of the time though, it would probably just stick to berries. Anzu is named after the mythological feathered demon Anzu, from ancient Sumerian mythology. Finds like these certainly excite me and I hope they do you as well. Bye!imgres

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