Jurassic Park

I recently just finished the book: Jurassic Park, by Micheal Crichton. It is a fantastic book with tons of science in it, and of course, dinosaurs. Jurassic Park has a variety of dinosaurs, which include: Parasauralophus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dilophosaurus (Which they show as a venomous dinosaur that can blind and paralyze its prey, but don’t get confused, as this is not correct), Triceratops, and the top predator that is featured in the book and the movie, Velociraptor. I think Jurassic Park is great! But a lot of information in it is extremely incorrect, like: Velociraptors wouldn’t be able to open doors! They aren’t that smart! And, don’t get the idea that T-rex, Velociraptor and other dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus in Jurassic Park are from the Jurassic period! T-Rex, Parasauralophus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and some other hadrosaurs are from the Cretaceous period. Anyway, even with some of these flaws, Jurassic Park is by far the BEST dinosaur science fiction book EVER! (The move was absolutely amazing) Now I can’t wait to finish The Lost World!


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