Forget Batman, meet Bat-Dino!

An amazing new fossil discovery has taken place yet again, in the spectacular fossil – full bone beds of China, and this time, it can fly. Not like microraptor or those other dinosaurs, it had bat wings. This dinosaur, named Yi qi, (pronounced “ee chee”) means “Strange Wing”. Paleontologist Xu Xing has also been quoted saying “This is the most unexpected discovery I have ever made”, and I can see why he would say that. Yi qi did probably have feathers, but not for wings. Instead It had bat – like, leathery wings, which so far no dinosaur has ever had. Ever. To me this is a very important discovery. Yi qi was about the size of a pigeon, and no doubt soared majestically through the prehistoric forests of China. Thanks for reading my article on China’s newest dinosaur! Bye!bat-dino-2-670                                                                                       Above: Artist’s Reconstruction of Yi qi

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