Dinofuzz!! I’ve been waiting for this…

Fossil hunters (like always) never fail to surprise me. And this time, not only has this find surprised me, but I was anticipating the finding of dinosaur feathers in amber! I came up with the idea a long time ago, and only now have I been proven correct. No boasting intended. Anyway, now let’s get into this. First, you cannot imagine how excited I am about this. When I found out, I was literally jumping around, waving my fists in the air and yelling “YESSS!!!” in my head. Then when I looked at the pictures, I was stunned.As it turns out, dinosaurs had advanced, fuzz – like feathers, more properly known as protofeathers, but informally it’s called dinofuzz. This covered a theropod dinosaur’s body. Not only can we now see what the feather structure looks like, dinosaur color is also now slowly being revealed. We know the color of the dinosaur this came from, which is obviously brownish. You can also see faint patterns on the dinosaur’s feathers. It’s like literal paleo – art! Thanks for reading my article on one of the most exciting finds yet!

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