DinoFinder – A Python 3.4 Dinosaur Database (V1.2)

Hi everybody! I am very excited to present my own python program that I have built, with over 600 lines of code! I have put a lot of hard work into it and I hope you enjoy it. This is an unstable, super early version of this program and I promise to update this when I come up with a new version. Thanks for using asashusain.com!

Clicking “Run” does not work

Please use the button that says “Edit with repl.it” on the right side, then on the website click “Run”. Good Luck!

This is my code. Feel free to look at it and even edit it with repl.it but please do not plagiarize/take credit for this as your own program because I have worked extremely hard on this and to do that would be plain mean and rude.

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