Available Prehistoric Animal Names!

Hello! Today I completed my list of names for dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that have not been used yet. All of these have been created by me, with their meanings as well, and if you would like to use them for anything, please contact me first at asashusain@gmail.com.I had 2 more, but those ended up getting used by Jurassic World in their app: Jurassic World The Game. They were Carnoraptor and Spinoraptor. I created those in 2012. That’s super cool they ended up using those for the game! But, it would have been cooler would be if they had to ask me first. I would finally get to talk to the team behind Jurassic World! I’ma  huge fan. Anyway, thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoy!

Gracilidromeus – Graceful Runner

Styracotaurus – Spiked Bull

Lagosaurus – Lake Lizard

Thalassotyrannus – Ocean Tyrant

Thalassospinus – Ocean Sail (I made a not – so – good drawing of this which i will display at the bottom)

Cynophysis/ Cynops – Dog Face

Taurusuchus – Bull Crocodile

Lophops – Crest Face

Ornithophysis / Ornithops – Bird Face

Platylophosaurus – Flat Crested Lizard

Titanoraptor – Giant Thief

Carnodromeus – Meat Eating Runner

Nanoraptor – Tiny Thief

Ornithonychus – Bird Claw

Dracomimus – Dragon Mimic

Styracops / Styracophysis – Spiked Face

Megalohippus – Giant Horse

Pachytholus – Thick Dome

Titanotyrannus – Giant Tyrant

Archaeotaurus – Ancient Bull

Eutyrannus – Original Tyrant

Coelodromeus – Hollow Thief

Megalocetio – Huge Whale

Styracotyrannus – Spiked Tyrant

Archotyrannus – Ruling Tyrant

Pachystyracotyrannus – Thick Spiked Tyrant

Nanotaurus – Tiny Bull

Velocidromeus – Fast Runner

Styracolestes – Spiked Robber

Cheironychus – Hand Claw

Leptolestes – Slender Robber

Hadrolophos – Large Crest

Icthyotitanus – Giant Fish

Gigacyon – Savage Dog

Cryptognathus – Hidden Jaw

Sarcolyco – Flesh Wolf

Lanahippus – Wooly Horse

Echinofelis – Spiny Cat

Eoceras – Dawn Horn

Dracorhinus – Dragon Snout

Compsodactylus – Elegant Finger

Nanobrachiosaurus – Small Armed Lizard

Heterognathus – Different Jaw

Archofelis – Ruling Cat

Quadropteryx – Four Wings

Trooceras – Wounding Horn

Baganeustes – Little Swimmer

Deinourus – Great tail

Therosuchus – Beast Crocodile


Click on my drawing to enlarge it!FullSizeRender

Copyright (c) 2015, Asas Husain

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