A Prehistoric Marine Mystery: Solved!

Ok, lets all be honest. We have come to a common conclusion that a cosmic object smashed into Earth some 66 million years ago, driving the dinosaurs to extinction and paving the way for mammalian dominance, but what about the marine animals? Surely the ecosystem underwater could survive an impact on the surface so why did they go extinct anyway? It’s a puzzle that paleontologists have tried to solve but so far nobody’s been able to. Until now. Scientists have come up with the startling conclusion of their demise. It’s actually a pretty scary lesson because what happened to them is happening to our world right now! Global warming killed the marine reptiles. Earth was starting to warm up quicker than ever before and approached the hottest time in 250 million years when it happened. This made sea levels rise and fall faster than ever before, and eventually depleted the sea floor of oxygen. This led to animals suffering a loss of food and breeding grounds, and eventually led to their extinction. I hope you enjoyed my article on this scientific mystery.


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