a pre – dinosaur nicknamed the “Carolina Butcher” has been discovered

Paleontologists have unearthed skull fragments of an extraordinary creature, dating back to about 230 million years ago, landing straight in the Late Trassic. That’s when dinosaurs were beginning to rise. Scientists call it Carnufex carolinensis,┬ámeaning “Carolina Butcher”. Carnufex was one of the world’s earliest crocodylomorphs (crocodilians), but surprisingly it was also very large, about 9 feet long! Scientists think Carnufex fed on early armored reptiles, and small mammals. This animal was definitely a nightmare for whatever it wanted to eat. Paleontologists say that it could have reared up on it’s two hind legs, like a bear. Probably to intimidate others, or to attract attention. Much is to be discovered about Carnufex, all that’s been found is just pieces of the skull, the spine, and the upper forelimb. Researcher and North Carolina State graduate Susan Drymala said “If you want to picture this animal, think of a modern – day fox, but with alligator scales instead of fur”. This creature was a very formidable predator, probably frightening early dinosaurs like Coelophysis in it’s wake. Ok, I hope you learnt something today, This is definitely a big find for the paleontological community and excites me and I hope it does you too. Thanks for reading and bye.





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