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My Python 3.4 program that helps users identify the dinosaur they’re looking for!

Learn about Pakistan’s Dinosaurs!

I have put together a list of many of the prehistoric animals that once roamed the country of Pakistan.

Jurassic Park III

My review on the third and last installment to the Jurassic Park movie series.

I write paleo-fiction, paleo-fact and am interested in bringing dinosaurs back to life with artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and printing.

12th Mar 2016

A Prehistoric Marine Mystery: Solved!

Ok, lets all be honest. We have come to a common conclusion that a cosmic object smashed into Earth some 66 million years ago, driving the dinosaurs to extinction and...

27th Aug 2015

Dinofuzz!! I’ve been waiting for this…

Fossil hunters (like always) never fail to surprise me. And this time, not only has this find surprised me, but I was anticipating the finding of dinosaur feathers in amber!...

20th Aug 2015

Forget Batman, meet Bat-Dino!

An amazing new fossil discovery has taken place yet again, in the spectacular fossil – full bone beds of China, and this time, it can fly. Not like microraptor or...

20th Aug 2015

New Species of Saurornitholestes found!

Recently paleontologists have discovered another species from the genus Saurornitholestes, and it’s name is Saurornitholestes sullivani. This dinosaur had a very powerful sense of smell, and could easily track down...

20th Aug 2015

The New “Venomous Scarface” Creature (Not as scary as it sounds)

Scientists have yet again stumbled upon a startling discovery: A wiener dog – sized, possibly venomous pre – mammal that lived before dinosaurs. They’re calling this predator Ichibengops munyamadziensis, meaning...

20th Aug 2015

Meet South Africa’s New “Rain Lizard”!

Recently, researchers have identified a new species of dinosaur, related to early sauropodomorphs and have named it Pulanesaura eocollum, meaning “Rain Lizard”. Although it was related to early sauropods called...

21st Jul 2015

Available Prehistoric Animal Names!

Hello! Today I completed my list of names for dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that have not been used yet. All of these have been created by me, with their...

22nd Mar 2015

Meet the new Chinese Mamenchisaur!

Paleontologists from China, Japan, and Canada have teamed up and uncovered extraordinary fossils of a new Sauropod dinosaur in China! These fossils were found near Qijiang, Chongqing Municipality. The fossils...

19th Mar 2015

Prehistoric Human – Size Lobsters?!

Hello, today I have a crazy, crazy topic to share with you. Fossil hunters in Morocco have discovered, yes, ancient lobsters, that were the size of a human. This animal...

19th Mar 2015

a pre – dinosaur nicknamed the “Carolina Butcher” has been discovered

Paleontologists have unearthed skull fragments of an extraordinary creature, dating back to about 230 million years ago, landing straight in the Late Trassic. That’s when dinosaurs were beginning to rise....